Lgtek is an Italian company specialized in the production of furniture and kitchens, for outdoor use and interior. Its products, with clean and contemporary lines, are able to coexist in any environment, from rustic to modern. The natural materials used for production are cleverly combined with each other, creating solutions designed to last over time and respect the environment. All Lgtek products are pieces of Italian design, in fact every single element that composes them is made directly in Italy.



Lgtek presents the line of kitchens Window for external and internal use, a set of elements that adapt to any space and time. Essential, practical and free are some of the key words that best express our concept of cooking. The C1 workstation is combined with the domestic appliances and handouts module, while C3 has been designed for outdoor environments, and together they allow the creation of new spaces in the kitchen.


Lgtek uses, where possible, natural materials such as steel, wood and stone, and makes any product suitable for outdoor environments. Cushions are made with open-cell polyurethane, which allow water to flow inside without encountering obstacles.


Lgtek Studio

Lgtek studio contains a wide range of design knowledge, and includes photographers, designers, graphic designers and artisans who work together to find the best solution in every situation.

Lorenzo Villa

Lorenzo Villa is a young freelance designer specializing in interior and exterior design. He collaborates with design studios offering a service to architects, landscape architects and builders in the realization of photorealistic renderings. Working fields: Architectural design and architectural restoration design of public spaces. Realization of photorealistic renderings.

Marcello Calabretta

In the course of his work experience in the nautical sector and in the design of tensile structures, he gained a good knowledge in the processing of metals and other technical materials. It is the link in the transition from design to finished product finding solutions applicable to production.

Made in Italy

When we started this project we wanted to focus on something that we Italians are number one and therefore we had three possibilities for fashion, design and food. We chose the design and first we set ourselves to create a product made exclusively by Italian artisans and produced exclusively in Italy. We design and create products where the manual skills and intelligence of the man are still the main aspect which allow us to offer our customers a product tailored to their needs.